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Lady and Master Gender Neutral Language

Lady and The Tramp

With our apologies to Walt Disney lovers, lady is a tramp. Nowadays, it is best to avoid the word lady, which has a paternalistic connotation that gentleman does not have. Some women take offence at being referred to as ladies, depending on the context. Just picture the 1960s: the ladies gossip and wash the dishes in the kitchen and the gentlemen retire to the living room to smoke. On the other hand, very few people would object to “Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.”



Master Bedroom

Another expression that is being phased out is “master bedroom” because “master” is considered offensive by some people (master versus slave). It is being replaced by “owner’s bedroom” or “owner’s suite” in the U.S. for residential real estate.

Source: Washington Business Journal Blog,_house_in_provence,_master_bedroom-resized-600.jpg

by Barbara McClintock, Certified Translator

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