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    Bus Anecdote: Besieged on Christmas Morning

    This text about a bus incident is part of my creative writing series. It was Christmas Day, and I had to work from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. I was living in Pointe-Claire in the West Island and working at the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve CLSC in Montréal East, completely on the other side of the Island of Montréal, but I did not have a car or a driver’s licence, so I had to take a long bus and metro ride to go to work. Since I was used to working on weekends, I knew I had to be careful in public transportation because a lot of strange people were in the metro…

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    Time: A Conflict Short Story

    Right on Time Bob Orderly lived by the clock. He got up at the same time each morning, reached his office at the same time, lunched at the same time, went to sleep at the same time, and has been repeating his routine for the past twenty years. On a certain Thursday in November, Orderly left his ninth floor office at 5:30 p.m. The guard seated at the entrance to the building said to him, “Well, I see you’re right on time, Mr Orderly.” “Yes, I am, Gus,” Orderly said. “Have a nice evening.” After the customary 10-minute wait at the bus stop, Orderly boarded Number 24 bus, as he…

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    Hôtel République

    I was staying in a little town in France with a small crew to film a documentary film about French feminism and how men treat women in France. I had been in the country for a few weeks before I was to meet Jacques in Paris. I knew approximately what time he was supposed to arrive in Paris, so I went to a phone booth to try to reach him before I went to join him. I called him at the hotel where he was staying, but the hotel clerk who answered said he was not there. There was a long pause before he said: “Goodbye.” I was a bit…